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Customers expect to connect to businesses anytime, anywhere, on any device. More than before, application quality and performance are critical to succeed in today’s digital, 'always-on' world. Most organizations are responding by an increased focus on quality, although many testing practices are struggling to adapt to the changing demands from digital transformation.

Our Testing Service helps you improve business resilience by providing solutions that integrate deep industry insights, leading technologies and future-ready processes
We combine our Centers of Excellence with domain-specific Testing tools, techniques and processes to:

  • Ensure rich end user experience with greater emphasis on performance and security
  • Match the pace of disruptive trends and cater to both old and new world applications
  • Provide flexibility, faster time to market and make businesses CAPEX light
  • Optimize application quality by bringing in shift-left approach to Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering
  • Adapt to regulatory and compliance changes like FATCA, Dodd Frank, IDC 10, HL7 and BASEL III