Mobile Testing


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We offer end-to-end mobile testing services which ensure that the desired user experience and planned business value are delivered by the appropriate mobile solution.
As mobility grows, so does the need for mobile testing. More than before, consumers are now in control: They can effortlessly switch to alternative mobile applications and are increasingly intolerant of functional defects, poor performance or device compatibility issues.

The latest research, including the World Quality Report 2013-14, shows that many companies are ill-equipped to handle the complexity and scope involved with testing for and with multiple mobile platforms, devices and services. Even those organizations with a solid testing foundation encounter challenges with mobile testing, including:

  • Platform fragmentation
  • Mobile device's physical characteristics
  • User experience
  • Performance
  • Security
  • System integration
  • Managing app distribution
  • A Comprehensive Mobile Testing Approach
    Our Company offers the following major mobile testing services:

  • Mobile Functional Testing
  • Mobile Compatibility Testing
  • Mobile Usability Testing
  • Mobile Performance Testing
  • Mobile Security Testing
  • The above provide a solid foundation for structured mobile testing based on four essentials:

  • A business-driven test management (BDTM) approach
  • A structured test process and lifecycle model
  • Employing a complete toolbox
  • To provide an adaptive test method
  • We deliver these mobile testing capabilities through our Mobile Testing Centers of Excellence and, through partnering with the world’s leading mobile testing tools providers.

    Why Our Mobile Testing Services?

    Our Mobile Testing services bring industry-leading expertise. We have a proven track record of supporting clients in identifying and implementing their mobile vision and business needs. With the increasing usage of mobile channels,