Test Automation Solutions


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Test automation helps reduce testing cycle time, provides higher productivity, and drives greater predictability to help minimize time to market. As application landscapes become more complex with the addition of multiple environments, mobile devices and social networking applications, the return on investment for automation becomes quite high since decreasing manual effort is a tremendous cost and time saver.

Increasing focus on reducing cost and enhancing test coverage through test automation should be a goal for most companies around the world.

Capgemini Group provides end-to-end test automation solutions from assessment and consulting to execution and innovation.

Our Automated Testing Services Include:

  • Assessment Services: We can help you define your automation goals and timelines then design and setup an appropriate Test Automation framework. We can also help you choose the most appropriate tool.
  • Test Automation as a Service: We can help you free your staff from setting up and maintaining Test Automation so that they can focus on their areas of expertise. Test Automation is performed according to goals, timelines and strategy agreed between you and Capgemini. The automated tests can be run whenever you choose.
  • Next-Gen Framework: We can help you with our expertise on all leading Test Automation toolsets. With key accelerators and automation templates and toolkits, our Test Automation Centers of Excellence can help reduce the effort involved in setting up test scripts by 50%, and can speed up test execution by a factor of 10.
  • Automation is the need of the hour for organizations, irrespective of the industry or domain they are in. It significantly reduces time to market, increases coverage and assures delivery of high quality products and services. To adapt to automation better, service providers are creating in-house tools and frameworks that optimize and adds value to the as-is state.

    Our Test Automation and Optimization Solution aims at disrupting inefficient and old world QA procedures by providing tools, solutions and frameworks that works across domains.

    Our solution enables you to achieve:

  • Faster time to market and quality applications at an optimum cost
  • Reduce overall QA effort
  • Increase customer confidence
  • 30% reduction in effort
  • 25% reduction in lifecycle time
  • Easily adaptable to COTS and Open Source tools and applications
  • Increased automation footprint
  • Test Lifecycle Automation

    Decision makers in organizations are looking for ways to get ahead of competition by improving quality of applications while being cost effective. When organizations try to scale up in this scenario, increased complexities of IT ecosystems and traditional Testing approaches force them to go for tools and solutions that help achieve application agility for faster releases, a reliable IT landscape without production glitches and reduction in overall cost incurred in quality.

    Wipro's Test Lifecycle Automation (TLA) Framework defines a clear flow from the requirements phase to the reporting phase to enhance effectiveness of your entire end-to-end QA process.

    We help you:

  • Simplify design of the Test process by reducing dependency on SMEs
  • With consistent and continuous reporting of progress in automation
  • Reduce business processes dependency by aligning it to business requirements
  • Our TLA Framework is based on the principle of shift-left,