Who We Are


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Flagroot stands for value and that is what we are. We are the value to your software that differentiates you from the rest. We aren’t like the rest, not just in the way we test but also in the way we work with you, partnering with you to help you create a better product by treating it as our own and caring for it every step of the way. You aren’t just a client to us, you are our partner, a part of the Flagroot family

We have been termed as a disruptive start up, that is what we are. We disrupt the conventional way of software, web and app testing and test so that you get more ‘Flagroot’ from your testing efforts. We want you to have better and that’s exactly why we are here, to innovate and provide you with a service that is better than any other out there ‘in the wild’ ‘under the hood’ ‘cop flung gun’, okay now we’re just talking about testing again. But that’s what we are all about, TESTING! We can barely write a line without talking about this thing that we love so much. Crazy but effective, that’s what we are!