What We Do


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Technical Story

Software testing is a way through which stakeholders can learn many things about their business, product and users. We cater to stakeholders who care for these different things. We have skills and expertise to report problems, risks, bugs and good things about their business and products.

We understand the business layer, the technology layer, the software layer and most importantly the users. These layers need different kinds of tests. We work on tests for these layers and bring information to stakeholders that helps them make good decisions about their business and product that helps the users have a great experience using the product. We do this across all industries we have mentioned in our other pages.

Here's an example of what we mean by the above:

We helped a large retail company move from a five page check out to single page check out and their Christmas sale for last year jumped by 18%. Basically their users were able to shop faster, pay faster and hence the company we worked for made more money as compared to other Christmas seasons. There is an element of business, technology, software product and user involved in our test strategy for testing the migration of five page checkout. We worked with business analysts, User Experience designers, developers, decision makers and other testers to get this successful and out

Business layer

  • We converted the business goals to a strategy and tests on business testing layer
  • We compared the single page checkout based on competitors who had already implemented it
  • Design / User layer

  • We understood the design, worked with the designer
  • We studied complaints from existing users and competitor users over social media for single page checkout
  • We then applied several heuristics and oracles to test for design and UX
  • Technology layer

  • We understood the technology of web implementation
  • We tested for functional, performance, data consistency, usability on the software
  • Another short example

    We helped a leading real estate business to understand their portal design by interviewing their users and bringing to them information about what their users are happy and unhappy about. We also did tests on the software after talking to their users to identify why certain things were not good for users and gave their developers and designers technical information to help them fix problems. So our report caters to all stakeholders in business, software (design and development) and to users (their experience of using the software to solve a problem they have).