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There are tons of articles that trend on Linkedin everyday. A majority of them are about how important it is for a startup or a company to get their culture in directions that facilitate the growth and that involves having people happy while working on big heady audacious goals. Why do so many people talk about culture being so important?

We have worked in organizations whose culture either helped us to become awesome or put us down when we wanted to. For us at Flagroot, we first dreamed about the culture and then dreamed about the company.

The beauty of our work culture is, our employees define it and nurture it. The so called management facilitates and doesn’t obstruct. Our people are aware that freedom comes with responsibility. What a bliss! Overall they do things that brings joy, fun, smiles, laughter, happiness and team work at workplace and outside. Be it pulling pranks at each other, celebrating each other’s success, singing and dancing at work, listening to music, surprising everybody with humor, playing on Oculus VR game, foosball, carrom and maybe get a leg/foot massage using our auto massager.