Device Fragmentation


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Device Fragmentation. Those are the two words giving nightmares to developers and testers alike. With 11,868 distinct Android devices seen in 2013 alone, everyone is finding it harder and harder to address this issue. Except the testers at Flagroot, of course! Why else would we have an entire page on this?


It’s our Lab, our Mobile Lab where you can find all the mobile devices your heart desires, IOS, Android, Windows. We know mobile applications and all the things that can go wrong, we know what device is about to be launched, what’s new, what’s cool, who uses what, what is used where and even who uses it how! A lot of whos and whats and hows, but that’s how we figured out who needs what!

You have the right devices, so what?

It’s not just the devices, what really gives Flagroot and edge is our way of Mobile App Testing. The #Flagroot way. Our Context Driven Testing approach coupled with the Exploratory Testing that the entire Testing community knows us for, makes us the leaders in Mobile App testing. We add a layer of intelligence in the way we address mobile fragmentation. We understand your user base, their usage patterns, and analytics from your application and then ascertain the devices that you need to test for.

What we do is make sure you are not wasting your resources testing for any and every device that you can get your hands on, we test on those devices that really matter to you. The devices your users use or are most likely to use.

But what do you test?

Functional Testing is key to address Device Fragmentation. So that's what we test, the functionality across all these devices! The variation of these mobile devices in terms of OS, screen sizes, manufacturers, networks and so much more can cause several issues when it comes to the functions that a user looks to perform on your mobile app. Our testing for Device Fragmentation ensures consistency of functionality across all these mobile devices, leading to a consistent customer experience and of course happy customers that love you and your app!

The only way your customers will know you love them is through great functionality! We help you deliver that functionality to your customers.

These are the three we cover:




Device fragmentation page - We had identified this problem early and have been addressing it long before it became talk of the town, our customers don’t even realize that there is something called Device Fragmentation, because their mobile applications are tested to perfection.