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You keep updating your Mobile Applications in a bid to ensure that your user always has something new, something better to keep themselves engaged on your app. These all-important changes can sometimes break things without you realizing it. This is where Continuous Integration and Automation comes to your rescue. Each update, each little change you make creates a need for you to test your entire application again. Through Continuous Integration and Automation we help you do just that with the minimum amount of effort and the maximum benefits. These Automation Solutions for testing mobile applications are aimed at ensuring that you have the best testing solutions to support your growth and deliver the quality to your customers that we attempt to deliver to you!

We are testers, consultants and partners to your Q.A needs. Our aim through delivering these Automation Solutions to you is to help you meet your objectives with the least amount of effort and time, leaving you more time to concentrate on your product and adding value to your application.


Automation, this is where we make the optimum use of the computers! Reducing human effort and time taken for you to test. When done right, automation can result not only result in reduced time and effort but also improved engineering. We automate to help you with your engineering, not just to reduce efforts, but also to improve productivity!

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is a simple task where all you need to do is continuously integrate! Do this periodically and ensure that you identify issues at the beginning of each step, so you don’t have to keep backtracking to try and figure out what went wrong! Through this we reduce your sleepless nights by helping you with better builds, so you don't waste your time testing a bad build and always know when your app is ready. Build better, test smarter! Reduced rework and reduced time to market. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?